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Bench-Ad is an outdoor advertising company which designs, installs and maintains advertising-funded street furniture for use at bus stops, road sides, golf courses and commercial sites/shopping centers.

We contribute up to 30% of our revenue right back to the cities and counties in which our benches are placed, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for each city/county which can be used for other worthwhile programs.

We manufacture and install benches at ZERO COST TO CITIES while providing affordable advertising solutions for local businesses.

We include a NO COST MAINTENANCE PLAN to ensure our benches are kept looking in as new condition and offer a 24 hours quick replacement in the unexpected event of vandalism or graffiti.

Advertising posters are recycled and in most instances we use Polywoods (recycled wood and plastic composites) or long lasting PVC in place of wood products to promote sustainability and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our benches are single or double sided, displaying twelve square feet of advertising per panel.

Please call us to learn more: (425) 356-7001


Bench-Ad is an outdoor advertising company located in the State of Washington, serving all counties and cities nationwide.

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