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The benefits of Bench Advertising

  • Affordability. Cost effectiveness - When compared to other forms of advertising, the cost per impression is pennies on the dollar.
    Nothing compares to Bench Advertising in means of attracting attention for minimum outlay.

  • Eye level ad placement. Bench advertising is placed at street level and more importantly, eye level. Hence, they are the most ideal advertising medium for both drivers and pedestrians in metropolitan areas..

  • Local Targeting. Unlike print or broadcast advertising, bench advertising is targeted to specific geographic areas.

  • Route-based Repetition. Repetition is what advertising is all about. Bench ads located on a stationary bench leverage the power of repetition for people who repeatedly pass by them several times a day week or month.

  • 24/7 coverage. Bench ads work when your company is closed down for the day and you're at home in your bed! Bench ads work for your business around the clock.

Compare to other forms of advertising

  • Print ads. Newspaper and magazine ads are exorbitantly higher priced. Marketing exposure is designed to hit the masses ONCE a week to a circulation of tens if not hundreds of thousands of readers. But the reality is that only a small percentage may see, let alone, read your ad. And assuming the comparison is made against classified ads, there is not comparison. The advertiser pays $7-12 per line and may be placed third or tenth in order under the services heading. Most potential clients call perhaps one of the first three listings. And in many large city examples, your potential client may be sixty miles away from your business core area. Bench ads are always on the "front page".

  • Television and Radio ads. Bus bench ads work for your business 24/7 rather working for a few 15 - 30 second spots each day.
    And the cost to advertise on TV is a ridiculous premium and while radio ads might be slightly less expensive, lack of a visual ad removes from the overall impact and are less localized. Bench ads are location driven. More than 80% of businesses derive 85% of their business within four miles of their working location.  

  • Billboards. Billboard advertising is significantly more expensive than bus bench advertising. Generally in the thousands of dollars per month for a single 24-30 sheet ad. Add to that the cost of the production of the poster/billboard ad and all hopes rest on drivers looking UP when driving. Effective on the highway but not so much in urban areas where the is already a sea of advertising staring with business flag/pole/masthead signs.

  • Yellow page ads. Unlike years gone by, yellow pages are becoming obsolete. Used in most part by an aging population or those searching online. Exclusive placement in Yellow Pages costs a premium. Half page ads can run into the thousands of dollars and still compete with similar ads of competitors.

  • Direct mail. You design an ad, pick a few carrier routes then pay for the postcards or fliers and postage. Unfortunately, and in most occasions, yours is one of fifty mailed out through companies like ValPak Advo etc.. Very much a hit or miss marketing opportunity where a large percentage of successes often come from carpet cleaning and oil change companies.


Bench-Ad is an outdoor advertising company located in the State of Washington, serving all counties and cities nationwide.

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