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Hundreds of cities nationwide are currently struggling with high unemployment rates, failure to meet on-time payrolls and offer adequate services and community assistance. Many have created Economic Development Units/Departments to find ways to increase revenue without increasing taxes.

Bench-Ad has a program which may help.


  • We offer no cost bench seating, installation and maintenance to cities and counties. (Primarily for use at transit stops, golf courses and generally in and around commercial and high traffic zones).

  • Local Employment Opportunities: We hire locally to maintain the benches and the overall aesthetic cleanliness of the bench and its surrounding area.

  • Service Fees to City: We pay the City/County up to 30% of all advertising revenue received through placed advertising.

  • Advertising space is regularly offered to cities and counties for free community advertising in addition thousands of dollars of media space to support not-for-profit organizations, charities and sporting clubs.

See our chart for examples of revenue sharing.

We are fully insured and bonded for liability.
We offer several bench designs to suit your city's style and color schemes.

For narrower sidewalks we offer our new narrower bench. It can be viewed here.


Please email for more information


Bench-Ad is an outdoor advertising company located in the State of Washington, serving all counties and cities nationwide.

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